A Lifestyle That Supports Your Total Wellness

You’ll marvel in a lifestyle that offers more, including a newfound sense of meaning and purpose.

Total wellness can only be achieved by engaging the physical, intellectual, social and spiritual aspects of life. At The Village, you can engage and enjoy any one or combination of these aspects, every day. Fulfill your commitment to total, whole-body wellness with a free health screening, and then explore countless opportunities to engage your body, mind and spirit:

  • Enjoy a brisk walk or leisurely stroll
  • Attend a group fitness class that features weight training, cardio-fitness, or gentler chair exercises
  • Visit the Wellness Center and receive guidance from a personal trainer
  • Browse a new section of the Library
  • Play bingo or shuffleboard with friends
  • Attend a guest performance or educational seminar
  • Listen to live bluegrass or create a work of art
  • Seek divine presence in the Chapel, or among the flowers and birds in the garden
  • Join the weekly shopping trip into Johnson City
  • Invite your family to visit